Julius Kewir Tangka (Ph.D)

CEO Clean Energy Consortium, FASA, University of Dschang, Cameroon.

Decent Housing for your pets and other animals.



Your pets need comfortable housing for good health. Well made and properly ventilated cages for cats, birds and dogs etc. This avoids deposition of fur on your valuable cushioned forniture.

Bitterleaf (Vernonia spp.) (Ndole) processing machinery

My Bitterleaf processing machine. It cuts, washes and spins the bitterleaf in one operation. It can process about 100 kg in one hour. It has reduced the drudgery involved the manual processing of bitterleaf into Ndole. (Side view and front view).  Powered by a 5hp electric motor and capacity is 100 kg per hour. Excellent for small scale industrial processing.  Larger units can be made on demand.  Available only on stainless steel (Price $2000 or  CFA  12 00 000  excluding shipping costs)


Electric dryers for grains vegetables and fruits.


As an alternative to using solar dryers you might prefer my electric cabinet dryers that dry your produc faster and occupy less space.   The dimensions are 2m x 1m x 1m. Total power (resistance element and centrifugal fan ) is 3kW, almost like three domestic irons functioning at once.  Larger ones can be made on demand. It has a thermostat that controls drying air temperature so that you might dry your products at the scientifically recommended temperature.  You stack your products in trays shown or you might use two big containers capable or containing 8bags (400 kg) of maize. Many units have been sold in Douala, Yaounde, and Bamenda  (Cameroon).  In Bamenda, three people are using them for drying of medicinal plants.  In Yaounde a customer dries pineapple for supply to hotels and restaurants. The one you fine here is being used in Bandjoun by a fruit drying company. In Douala two customers  dry meat, fish, ndole, ginger and other products for export. Other customers would not let me know what they are using it for.  Call me if you want to have a look at any one nearer to your location. There are older and smaller ones in the departmental workshop which serve the university community in drying all types bio products from students, scientists and farmers. The university has taken them to many exhibitions all over the country and that is why they look so worn out. Very efficient and cost effective! Two years guarantee ! Free after sales service!  Price from ( FCA 1000 000 or   USD  $ 2000)


            (a)                                                                                                   (b)                                                                                           (c)


                                              (d)                                                                                                                 (e)

(a) 3.5 kW  capacity version  (b) 3 kW capacity version    (c)  (d)  (e) 5kW 4m3 capacity developed in January 2015 for the Ministry of Mines Industry and Technological Development and it can be powered by biomass, electricity and solar electricity depending on the energy source that is convenient.



Energy Efficient Grills for your Barbecue

Here are our energy efficient grills that burn less charcoal, than conventioal grills.     The covered ones can also be used for smoking.                No fanning is necessary because they have ventialtion wholes that suck up air rapidly .  The covered type keeps your grilled food warm for at least four hours so that you do not need to warm it before eating; and  it has a cover and lock that keeps food safe from all types of predators including infants with itchy hands.


Model CEC B 30                             Model CEC B 20                                                          Model CEC B 30


Model CEC B 50                                                                                    Model CEC B 25

Efficient Solar water heating systems.

Foundry Tecnology. The use of foundry technology to recycle scrap metal into useful household and industrial products.

View of some of the products from my scrap metal recycling furnace. The raw material is shown on the left and finsihed products are shown on the right. Notice the aluminum cooking utensils all have insulated handles that would not conduct heat.

 Wanted: A company that can fabricate the permanent molds of these and other products. Please contact us immediately. Write to tangkajkfr@yahoo.fr



Wooden and comfortable toilet seats


Wooden and comfortable toilets seats manufactured from well seasoned wood and treated to                                                                            prevent moisture absorption. Excellent for use in winter and very cold wheather.

Intermittent absorption refrigeration systems powered by solar energy

Solar refrigeration system powered by solar energy. Research is going on to locate the collector outside the building and the refrigeration compartment inside. Picture shows the condenser, the liquid reciever and the solar collector. The solar collector powers the refrigerant through the cycle.

Vegetable blenders

Muti-purpose vegetable blender. Driven by a 3 hp electric motor is very efficient in chopping vegetable like cabbages, huckle berry leaves, bitter leaf (vernonia spp.)etc. Capacity 300kg per hour. Can be made for domestic and industrial application. (Prices from $ 700)


Solar dryers to increase the shelf life of your agricultural produce.