Julius Kewir Tangka (Ph.D)

CEO Clean Energy Consortium, FASA, University of Dschang, Cameroon.

American Ambassador Niels Marquardt Visists my Workshop

Demonstrating the wind tunnel effect before the American Ambassador. Notice the obstruction to the wind by the trees around but yet the peformance of the wind turbine.  

Many pictures of this event are found here:      http://www.dotphoto.com/go.asp?l=tangkajkfr&p=C0FE&AID=3337599


Ambassador observes the ndole processing machine in action.


A stop at my scrap metal recycling project. Casted  Alumlinum, brass, bronze and cast iron products on display.    

Ministers and Top Government officials


Leftt. Prime Minister Peter Musonge, Minister of Higher Education Prof Tchuente, Rector of the University of Dschang Prof  Sylvest Boulet admire the solar collector at the National Universties Science and Technology day Unity Palace, Yaounde.  

Right: Minister Delegate in Charge of Commonwealth affairs  listens to explanations on the functionng of the solar water heater.


 Left: Minister Delegate in Charge of the National    Assembly Hon Gregoire Owona visits our stand at the Yaounde Congress Hall.                                                                                                           Right:    The Rector of the university visits our workshop. Seen here infront of the 700 Watt wind generator.                                                       


Visists by The University Administration


Left: Rector Prof Anaclet Fomete goes down to admire our ennergy efficient firewood cooking stove.       Right:  Faculty administration headed by the dean Prof  Zoli visist our wind turbine. 

A Day with Toddlers


TOP: Future renewable energy enthusiats ( Rain Bow Nursery School) watch with amazement the demostration of some manufacturing processes.