Julius Kewir Tangka (Ph.D)

CEO Clean Energy Consortium, FASA, University of Dschang, Cameroon.

CV of Julius K. Tangka (PhD Energy and Machinery) .

Curriculum vitae of Julius Kewir TANGKA Ph.D (Energy and Machinery)

Associate Professor of Mechanical [Agricultural] Engineering

Name :                        Julius Kewir    TANGKA

Date of Birth: February 4, 1965  in Kumbo, Bui Division North West Province.        

Marital Status:          Married Father of Five

Nationality:                Cameroonian

Sex      :                       Male

Address:                     Department of Agricultural Engineering, FASA  University of Dschang           

PO Box  373  Dschang, Cameroon, Africa .  Tel Mobile : (237) 77 58 97 94 

Tel Home : (237) 96 29 93 38 Email- tangkajkfr@yahoo.fr

                                    Web Site :   http://www.juliustangka.org







Arava  Institute for Environmental Studies, Kibbut  Ketura,    Israel

Nov 14 – 30/ 2012


Certificate course on Renewable Energy for Sustainable development. Wine Energy Assesment, Design of Megawatt wind turbines , solar energy and biogas

 International Institute of Water Environment and Energy 2iE, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

November to December 2011

Training course on Bio Fuels Implementation

UNIDO International Centre for Solar Energy Research Gansu Natural Energy,  Research Institute  Gansu Province China

June to July 2010

Certificate course on  Solar Energy Applications

Denmark -Danish Wind Historical Society (Ebeltoft).

03-04 2007

Certificate Course on Design, Fabrication, Installation and Management of Megawatt Induction Generator Wind Turbines

Maastricht School of Management

The Netherlands http://www.msm.nl/

07/ 2006

Certificate Course on  Sustainable Development, Good Governance and Cooperate Social Responsibility.

Scoraig Wind Electric Scotland, United Kingdom http://www.scoraigwind.com/

05 2003

Certificate course on Homemade  Wind Turbine design and fabrication

Maastricht School of Management/ University of Twente, The Netherlands http://www.msm.nl/

Nov to Dec 2001

Diploma course on Energy Management and Cleaner Production in Small and Medium Scale Industries.

Ben Gurion University, Israel


Diploma course on Advanced Agro-technologies

University of Ibadan, Nigeria http://www.ui.edu.ng/


Ph.D.  Agricultural Engineering


MSc . Agricultural Engineering


BSc ;  Agricultural Engineering

Saint Augustine’s College Nso Cameroon.


G.C.E. ‘A’ level (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics)

G.H.S. Kumbo, Cameroon


G.C.E. ‘O’.Level






Post Held           


Job Description

Ministry of Higher Education Yaoundé. University of Dschang

Director of Infrastructure Planning and Development

Oct 2008 till date

Drawing up of tender documents for award of contracts for university infrastructure, supervision of construction and maintenance works,  project writing supervision and management, Funding sourcing for university infrastructure.

Sultan Qaboos University,

College Of Agricultural And Marine Sciences P.O Box 34, Al-Khod 123 Sultanate Of Oman

Visiting Consultant

January to July 2008

Teaching courses on Principles of Machinery and Agricultural Engineering.  Consultancy projects with Petro Gas Oil Company

Canada-Gabon Cooporation CEGEPSaint Jean Sur Richeaulieu        

BP 2928 Libreville Gabon

Tel: (241) 0660 7318

Visiting Lecturer

Masuku University of Science and Technology Republic of  Gabon

May 2006

Till date

Visiting Lecturer on Farm Machinery. Working on wind energy assessment for Southern Gabon;


Ministry Of Higher Education, Cameroon

Lecturer-University of Dschang

1997-till date

Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Machinery Management, Professional Workshop Technology, Agricultural Process Engineering, Wood Anatomy and Properties

FONAB Polytechnic Bamenda, Cameroon 

Part Time Lecturer


Advanced Applied

Mechanics, Instrumentation

Leventis Motors Ltd Ibadan Nigeria

Industrial Attaché

April- Sept.1989

Repairs,  maintenance and assembly of cars, and Trucks (Mercedes, Honda, Renault and Mitsubishi)

Leventis Motors Ltd. Ibadan Nigeria

Industrial Attaché

August- Nov.1988

Assembly, repairs and  servicing of agricultural  Machinery (FORD, CASE, and  (DAVID BROWN.).

FOBA Engineers Company Ltd.       

Industrial Attaché

June- Sept1987

Design and fabrication of

Agricultural machinery.






Hiring Body


Design, fabrication and installation of three   35 kw wind turbines at the organic agriculture college.

Installation of micro wind turbines in enslaved secondary schools

Strategic humanitarian services SHUMAS Cameroon;


2009 to 20014

Supply and installation of 50 kw wind generators for rural village settings in the north west region of Cameroon.

Kumbo Development Organisation KUDOC


On going since


Advice on renewable energy policy for over 10 years, including renewable energy policy proposal for rural areas in cameroon. Small scale wind turbine selection and installation

Green step organisation international ngo


On going since 2004

Advise on bio fuel development including choice of machineries, and production protocol

Consultant- fair trade fuel: german ngo implementing bio fuels projects in cameroon 


Sept 2007 till date

Development of two prototypes [ a portable biogas plant and an industrial drier for agricultural produce]

Ministry of mines industries and technological development yaounde cameroon

August 2014 april 2015

Proposal on  renewable energy policy for cameroon

Kumbo development organisation kudoc

April 2014 to july 2014

Author of renewable energy for africa [ business report]

Kosialtd – company number: 7335995

Registered address: 11 glazbury road,

London w14 9as, united kingdom  -

Telephone: +44 2073713628

June to September 2011

Feasibility study for hydro power production from the fongo tongo river in the western region of cameroon.

Feasibility study for wind energy implementation in fongo tongo

Fongo tongo council west region cameroon

January to march 2011

Evaluation of the agricultural mechanisation strategy for cameroon

Food and agricultural organisation  [fao] of the united nations

December to march 2010

Design of an efficient method for treatment  of brackish waste water from oil wells in the state of oman [team member in charge of solar energy aspect].

Petro gas oil company sultanate of oman

February to July 2008

Design and fabrication of solar driers  and vegetable choppers for settlement of displaced rural women from water catchment site in Kumbo.

Canadian society for civil engineering [csce] and Canadian  for  service organisation [ceso]

January to March 2008

Training of rural women on renewable energy technologies and utilisation in Maroua Cameroon.

Ferdedsi German NGO involved in rural development

April 10 to 20 2006

Several micro energy  projects for individuals schools and villages such as feasibility studies for wind and solar energy, design and installation of wind turbines and biogas plants.

Individuals and small groups of people

Since 1990 till Date






  • Weka FG.  (1998)   Design and construction of a natural convection solar tunnel drier for the drying of indigenous vegetables in Cameroon ( Translated form French)
  • Ndonwi D.A. 2000.    Design modification, fabrication and performance evaluation of a manually operated bar mill for the decortication of melon seeds.
  • Djoukeng .h. G 2000   Design and fabrication of a domestic solar water heating system
  • Ekome Temothe.   Evaluation of the techniques of agricultural machinery management in a large scale mechanised farm:  The case of the SPNP/SBM/PHP Banana plantations of Nyombe. ( Translated from French)
  • Abessollo A.P. 2000    Design and  fabrication of a solar energy powered incubator. (translated from French)
  • Okale N.A. 2000    Production of combustible fuels from some vegetable products from Cameroon
  • Epoh E .J.2001   Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of a solar energy powered/ electrical energy back up incubator (Translated from French)

·       Ebale J. 2001   Engineering properties of raffia palm.

·       Nguigum L. (2003).   Design and fabrication of a horizontal axes wind turbine for the generation of electricity.

  • Kamnang N E. (2003)    Design fabrication and performance evaluation of a solar refrigeration unit
  • Penda M  P (2003) Design and fabrication of a machine for processing Vernonia amygdalina
  • Tidze Kona Joel 2008 Design construction and evaluation of a 25 m3 capacity biogas digester for a local community college in Kumbo, Bui Division
  • Mbeck C (2009): Design fabrication and performance evaluation of a pyrolysis plant for the gasification of wood products
  • Tchakoa P (2010): Design fabrication and performance evaluation of an electronic module for the control of battery banks in  wind diesel hybrid systems (MSc thesis in Physics)
  • Ndongo P (2010) Design fabrication and performance evaluation of an electronic module for the control of battery banks wind/solar hybrid systems (MSc thesis in Physics)
  • Fointama Nyongo Dieudonne (2010). Design Construction and evaluation of a efficient method for methane capture and storage from prefabricated Fibre glass reinforced decanter Digesters. Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Dschang.
  • Ela Ela Georges Roland (2012) Conception fabrication et test d’une éolienne de pompage dans la ville de l’eau. [Design, construction and testing of a water pomping windmill] Deprtment of Agricultural Engineering, University of Dschang.




E.     Awards and prizes

2006      UNIDO scholarship award for studies at the UNIDO International Centre for Solar Energy Research Gansu, China

2006      Netherlands Fellowship Program Award for studies at the Institute of Rural Development Planning Tanzania    

2001      Netherlands Fellowship Programme Award for studies at the Maastricht School of Management/ University of Twente

1998      Israeli Government  scholarship for studies at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Advanced Agro Technologies)

1986-92 Cameroon Government scholarship award for university education in Nigeria

                             based on academic performance at the G.C.E. Advanced Level results.


1979                    Cash prize award of CFA 9000 Frs. based on first year academic performance at government High School Kumbo

1981                    Cash prize award of CFA 9000frs. based on third year academic performance a at Government High School Kumbo.


F.     Membership of Professional Organisations


Member- American Society of Agricultural And Biological Engineers ASABE

Member- International Organization for Biotechnology and Bioengineering    http://www.iobbnet.org/

Partner - Methane to Markets organisation  http://www.methanetomarkets.org/partners/network/pnmProfile.aspx?id=692

Member: JUICEDCA Canadian Association for Alternative Energy   http://www.juiced.ca/

Partner - Global Village Energy Partnership http://www.gvepinternational.org/

2004                     Member American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

2001                    Elected member of council of the Cameroon Society of Engineers.

2000-                   Elected representative of lecturers of the Faculty of Agriculture and    consequently, member of the University Administrative Council

1999                     Secretary Cameroon Society of Engineers, Western Chapter                 

1995                     President Nso students association University of Ibadan , Nigeria.

1992-93 President International Students Association (ISA) University of Ibadan,


1989                     Vice President: National Union of Cameroon students. University of Ibadan

1985                     Food Prefect Saint Augustine’s College Nso.

                             House Captain St. Agnes Dormitory; St. Augustine’s College ,Nso





G.    Miscellaneous


Scientific  Reviewer:         -Transactions of the  American  Society of Agricultural and Biological  Engineers

                                           -Journal of Applied Engineering in Agriculture

                                           -Journal of the Cameroon Society of Engineers

                                           -British Journal of Applied Science and Technology

Other Qualities: Professional Driving Licence for Heavy Duty machinery, Arc welder, machinist,

Hobbies :  Tourism, Swimming, Photography, Chess, Scrabble

Languages :   English and French

Computer Literacy :  Repair and Maintenance Word processing (windows), Excel, Programming (FOTRAN).



1.      John Furze.   Holme Bygade  12.     8400 Ebeltoft Denmark. Tel +45 86 10 07 86  Cel:  +45 23 39 20 86  E.Mail    furze@mail.dk 

2.      Dr Katte Valentine  (237) 98364379.  Higher Technical Teacher   Training College, University of Bamenda E-mail: ykatte@yahoo.com

3.      Prof. Fonteh M F.  Head Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Dschang., Cameroon. Tel: (mob) 237 774 0863, fixed line 237 345 1701 fax: (237) 345 1932, e-mail:   matfonteh@yahoo.com  





I.      REFEREED Publications






  1. Nsah-Ko Tchoumboué, Tangka Julius Kewir,  Kana Raphael,  Meutchieye Felix, Mahop Jean Marin, Tedongmo Gouana Jospin. (2019),  Effect of preheating temperature and extraction pressure on combustion characteristics of cake from whole, kernels and crushed jatropha seed.    International Journal Of Sustainable and Green Energy Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2019, Pages: 12-19


2.      Nsah-Ko Tchoumboué1., Tangka, J.K., Njila, R., Djoussé Kanouo, B.M., Sogang Signing, H.B., Womeni, H., Ndomou, S.C.  (2018). Oil production and energy input from extraction of jatropha curcas l. : effect of seeds form, preheating temperature and applied pressure.         The International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES) Vol . 7  Issue  8 Ver. III|.  Pages || PP 69-75 || 2018, ISSN (e): 2319 – 1813 ISSN (p): 23-19 – 1805 DOI:10.9790/1813-0708036975 www.theijes.com Page 69



  1. Julius K Tangka , Joseph N Mbinkar , Viyoi C Tidze And Eric T. Sako; A rice husk fired biomass stove for cooking, water and space heating  International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (Ijtrd), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-5 | Issue-6 , December 2018, URL: http://www.ijtrd.com/papers/ijtrd18101.pdf


4.     Ngoya Bamagna, Tangka Julius Kewir, Dongmo Solefack Patrick Mao   (2017)  Solar resource and potential of photovoltaic electricity generation in Cameroon : PV GIS Approach  Volume : VI, Issue : XII, December – 2017. DOI : 10.15373/22778179


5.     Tangka JK , Fointama D, Viyoi C  T, Shuufai Woo Ngairin (2014). Ground Water and Atmospheric Pollution in the Douala City of Cameroon: development of a pilot plant for waste water treatment coupled with methane capture from fibre glass reinforced decanter digesters. Paper presented at the TECH4DEV UNESCO international conference in Loussane Switzerland June 4 to 6 2014/


6.     Tangka JK , Ketuma  C T., Ajaga  Viyoi C  T, (2012).   Modelling of the operation of a small generator set powered by scrubbed biogas from cow dung. British Journal Of Applied Science & Technology, Issn: 2231-0843,Vol.: 14, Issue.: 1



7.     J.K. Tangka, P. Tchakoua , H. Fotsin  Et A. Fomethe (2012). Development of an intelligent electronic module for energy management in wind/diesel backup and photovoltaic/diesel backup hybrid systems, British Journal Of Applied Science And Technology, 2 (3)  Pp 275-295 Science Domain International


8.     Berinyuy J. E., Tangka, J.K.,  Weka, F. G. (2012). Enhancing natural convection solar drying of high moisture vegetables with heat storage.  Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal, Vol 14, No 1 Pp 141-148.


9.       Dongo, Patrice D.,  Tchitnga, Robert, Tchapga, Christian T., Tchamda, Andre R. Tangka, Julius Kewir, Fomethe, Anaclet. (2012).  Design Simulation and Realization of an Intelligent   Charge Controller (ICC) For Accumulators in Renewable Energy Power Stations. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation And Development.   Vol 4 No 4 PP 36-54


10.  Tangka J K, Berinyuy J E, Tekounegnin, Okale A N (2011) Physico-chemical properties of  bio-ethanol gasoline blends and the qualitative effect of different blends on gasoline quality and engine performance. Journal Of Petroleum Technology And Alternative Fuels Vol. 2(3), Pp. 3544, March 2011


11.  J.K. Tangka, P. Tchakoua , H. Fotsin  Et A. Fomethe (2010). Conception Et Realisation D’un Module Electronique De Controle De Charge Et De Gestion Optimale De L’energie Pour Systemes Energetiques Hybrides Eolien-Diesel, Photovoltaïque-Diesel Et Eolien-Photovoltaïque-Diesel (Meccgopseh). Revue Des Energies Renouvelables Vol. 13 N°4 (2010) 591 – 602


12.  Tangka J K, Penda M  P. (2007)  Development  and performance evaluation of a medium scale system for processing bitter  leaf Vernonia. Biosystems Engineering, 96(2) 223-229  Silsoe Research Institute U.K


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Tangka J.K 2012 Micro wind turbines and biogas digester as off grid solution to electricity problems in Cameroon, the case of Bamzend village in the North West region of Cameroon. Paper presented at the Renewable Energy Conference, Nnsuka Nigeria>


Tangka JK (2009) Biogas digesters and micro wind turbines as an off grid solution to energy crises in Cameroon.  The case of Bamdzeng village in the North West Province of Cameroon. Paper presented at the National Conference on Science and Technology. Hilton Hotel Yaounde Cameroon. Ministry of Scientific research Yaounde Cameroon.


Dane Bosev, Julius Tangka, Ivan Iyanchev (1998). Production of Maize in Arid and semi Arid zones using drought tolerant hybrids. Proceedings of the Ninth International course on Agriculture in arid and semi rid regions advance Agro technologies. Ben Gurion University of the Negev Israel



Tangka , J.K. (1995). A comparative analysis of the energy requirements for the extraction of leaf protein concentrate from the leaves of five Nigerian plant species. Ph.D thesis ;Department of Agricultural Engineering ,University of Ibadan ,Nigeria.


Tangka , J.K. (1991a) Design of leaf protein extraction machinery . MSc. thesis ;Department of Agricultural Engineering. University of Ibadan , Nigeria.


Tangka , J.K. (1991b)Relationship between Livestock business and environmental pollution of some areas of Ibadan City. Paper presented at the departmental seminar, Department of Agricultural Engineering University of Ibadan  Nigeria.


Tangka , J.K. (1991c) . Feasibility study on commercial leaf protein concentrate production. Paper presented at the Departmental seminar ; Department of Food Technology , University of Ibadan.


Tangka , J.K (1991d) Raffia palm as a structural material in the North West Province of Cameroon. Paper presented at the departmental seminar ,       Department of Agricultural engineering University of Ibadan , Nigeria.


Tangka , J.K (1991).Design of a 25000 tons capacity Nigeria warehouse for strategic grain storage in the Nigeria. Paper presented at the departmental seminar ,Department of Agricultural engineering University of Ibadan , Nigeria.


Tangka , J.K (1989).Repairs and maintenance of cars and trucks.(Mercedes Benz , Honda , Renault and Mitsubishi ). A report of the supervised industrial training program carried out at Leventis Motors Company, presented at the Industrial Co-ordination Unit, University of Ibadan;September , 1989 .


Tangka , J.K (1988). Assembly repairs and maintenance of heavy duty agricultural equipment.(CASE ,Ford, and DAVID BROWN) ..A report of the supervised industrial training program carried out at Leventis Motors Company , and presented at the Industrial Co-ordination Unit , University of Ibadan.


Tangka , J.K (1987) Engineering craft. A report of the supervised industrial training program carried out at FOBA Engineers Company Ltd. and presented at the Industrial Co-ordination Unit , University of Ibadan. September 1987.