Julius Kewir Tangka (Ph.D)

CEO Clean Energy Consortium, FASA, University of Dschang, Cameroon.

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Downlaod of lecture notes


Funding Body


Forest savannah sustainability project FOSAS [Agricultural Engineer in charge of energy and infrastructure and farm machinery in a joint research project with the university of Dschang, Ministry of Scientific Research and the Kyoto University of Japan  ]

Japan International Cooporation Agency JICA

2011 till date

Advice on renewable energy policy for over 10 years, including Renewable Energy policy proposal for rural Areas in Cameroon. As well as development of bio fuel presses for rural areas.

Green Step Organisation International NGO


On going Since 2004

Advise on bio fuel development including choice of machineries, and production protocol

Consultant- Fair Trade Fuel: German NGO implementing bio fuels projects in Cameroon 


Sept 2007 till date

Development of two prototypes [ a portable biogas plant and an industrial drier for agricultural produce]

Ministry Of Mines Industries And Technological Development Yaounde Cameroon

August 2014 April 2015

Proposal on  renewable Energy policy for Cameroon

Kumbo Development Organisation KUDOC

April 2014 to July 2014

Author of Renewable Energy for Africa [ Business Report]

kOSIALtd – Company Number: 7335995

Registered Address: 11 Glazbury Road,

London W14 9as, United Kingdom  -

Telephone: +44 2073713628

June to September 2011

Feasibility study for hydro power production from the Fongo Tongo River in the Western Region of Cameroon

Fongo Tongo Council West Region Cameroon

January to March 2011

Evaluation of the Agricultural Mechanisation Strategy for Cameroon

Food and Agricultural Organisation  [fao] of the United Nations

December To March 2010

Design of an efficient method for treatment  of brackish waste water from oil wells in the State of Oman [Team member in charge of solar energy aspect].

Petro Gas Oil Company Sultanate Of Oman

February to July 2008

design and fabrication of solar driers  and vegetable choppers for settlement of displaced rural women from water catchment site in Kumbo.

Canadian Society For Civil Engineering [CSCE] And Canadian  For  Service Organisation [CESO]

January to March 2008

Training of rural women on renewable energy technologies and utilisation in Maroua Cameroon.

FERDEDSI German NGO involved in rural development

April 10 to 20 2006

Several micro energy  projects for individuals schools and villages such as feasibility studies for wind and solar energy, design and installation of wind turbines and biogas plants.

Individuals and small groups of people

Since 1990 till date

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Farm and Industrial Machinery

Fabrication, Assembly,  maintenance, sevicing of Agricultural machinery              




Performing Energy audits for cleaner production and energy saving gaols.

Consulting on C02 Trading and adjusting for ISO standards.

Training in Energy Management.

Training in Industrail safety.

Farm mechanisation feasiblilty studies.

Training in farm equipment maintenace and servicing.

Design of food Processing equipment.

Design of irrigation systems.

Training in Machinery Management for profitability.


Training course for rural women on renewable Energy uses Maroua, Cameroon




Workshop on Renewable Energies and Rural Women in Maroua Cameroon.

Workshop on Biogas Technology with NW Rural Farmers Union Delegates



Some representatives of some rural farmers groups in the North West province of Cameroon received training on the design fabrication and use of simple biogas digesters. The client here  was HEIFER Project International HPI.